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There is a high game density in the Region, the hunting success depends also from the immaterial fitness and the mental condition of the hunter and how far he is willing to work for his hunting success.

If you visit go Hunt BC we can offer you either horse or ATV/4x4.

Horseback hunting style is very popular up north in the bush. Hunting on gentle and experiences horses allows the hunter to cover more area with relative ease. The horse does most of the work while the hunter gets to rest and preserve his energy. This is a definite advantage when travelling in steep grounds. No need to be a skilled rider to hunt by horseback. If a hunter can sit firmly in the saddle, the horse usually does the rest. We will teach you what is necessary to know. Basic riding instructions provided at the start of the hunt will give you the degree of assurance needed for the remainder of your trip. Depending on where the game is located, it is not uncommon for a hunter to spend a couple hours per day riding in the saddle. Hunts are conducted in both high drainages and lowlands. Numerous stops are made for glassing and resting purposes. Some walking is involved.

ATV/4x4 - These hunts are intended for individuals who prefer to hunt with relative ease and cover lots of ground in a day. Hunts are restricted to water holes, trails and old loggings roads. Walking distance is contingent on the individualís physical condition. These hunts are based out of the main lodge.

Backpack - These hunts are more challenging physically and a hunter does not cover as much ground as he normally would with a horse. The technique does have its rewards. Backpacking is used on a sheep or goat hunt.

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